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Arylessence perfumers have re-created what it means to be a rose. Using a secret rose accord and existing sweet, fruit, and spicy notes, new Arylessence rose fragrances reinterpret the idea, the impact, and the reality of rose. Our new rose fragrances are lighter, fresher, more delicate, more moist, more like the real rose - in exciting ways. Click to watch Arylessence perfumers, evaluators, and marketing experts discuss the new fragrances, describe their special qualities, and suggest ways to make products more appealing and more competitive. Also, learn how rose connects with powerful fine fragrance and key fashion and designer trends ...

Our perfumers have created a collection of new rose fragrances that are lighter, fresher, more like a real rose. Designed for personal care products, including skin care, bath and body, fine fragrance, as well as candles and home decor, these fragrances take rose to an entirely new place and add stunning complementary notes. Meet perfumers Bruce Garlick, Heather Sims and Monica Burke. Meet fragrance experts who work with them, Michelle Harper and Lori Miller Burns. Watch as they share their thoughts and insights about rose and about an amazing collection of new rose fragrances that people have never experienced before.

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Perfumer Monica Burke describes three new rose fragrances she created for the new Arylessence rose collection. These new scents are based on an innovative, true-to-the-rose accord and combine surprising fruit, spice and sweet notes to create original fragrances that people have never experienced before. They are designed for personal care products, including skin care, bath and body, fine fragrance, as well as candles and home decor. Monica is an original creative artist, inspired by foods, fruits and flowers. She loves to develop exotic, unexpected combinations that are fresh, clean, modern, contemporary, and totally new.

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Chief Perfumer Bruce Garlick tells us about the new true-to-the-rose accord developed for the new Arylessence rose fragrance collection. Bruce challenged our perfumers to rethink the idea of rose and to create new rose scents that will change the way people think about rose and take personal care products like skin cremes, bath and body lotion, and fine fragrances to new heights. Bruce is a highly experienced, innovative, creative perfumer who has worked in New York, Paris, and London and has created landmark fragrances for some of the world's most famous brands.

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New rose fragrances are lighter, fresher, cleaner, more like a true rose from nature. Perfumer Heather Sims describes three qualities that define these fragrances -- the clarity of the scent (clean and clear), its 'color' (which can reflect the color of the rose), and moisture (which adds that sense of dewy freshness to the scent). These amazing fragrances have qualities that allow beautiful complementary notes to be added, creating new rose-centered fragrances of amazing depth and character -- yet still true to the perfection we believe all roses shave have.

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Lori Miller Burns is Director of Marketing at Arylessence. She is an expert on what we are thinking, how we live, and what we want to achieve for ourselves and the people we love. Lori is also a trend spotter and is an authority on what is motivating today's creators, innovators and designers. Lori helps perfumers explore new opportunities, and helps product designers explore just the right fragrances to connect with people and build lasting relationships. Lori built her career working for famous cosmetic and personal care brands.

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These new rose fragrances are perfect for personal care products, cremes and lotions, fine fragrance, and bath and body, as well as home care products, including laundry, detergents and fabric softeners, and home decor, including candles and air fresheners. The fresh, clean, true-to-the-rose notes combine beautifully with spice, fruit and citrus notes to create exciting fragrances never experienced before.

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Arylessence has achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification, and is recognized as an ethical sourcing supplier and manufacturer by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).

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