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As consumers, our relationships with laundry products are complex and deeply involving. We relate to detergents, softeners and sprays in very emotional, very personal ways. And we choose products the same way we choose lotions, shampoos and conditioners. These are all products we 'wear'

A beautiful fragrance contributes up to 75% of a laundry product’s ability to connect with consumers and achieve success in the marketplace. That’s why a laundry fragrance should be developed as strategically as any other critical component in your product. The scents you choose literally can determine your brand’s future.
      To develop laundry fragrances that build powerful brand franchises, our Laundry Innovation Group focuses on the entire laundry process. Making sure that scents perform at every step is the key challenge for perfumers. Consumers make judgments about their wash at every step – and expect the fragrance to perform beautifully at every step.
       “Every time consumers open the bottle, empty the washer, load the dryer, and fluff the towels, they ask the same questions,” says Bruce Garlick, Arylessence Vice President of Fragrance Research. “Do I like this product? Does it really work for me? Does it perform the way I expect?”

Meet our laundry experts

In this new Arylessence video series, key players in our Laundry Innovation Group share thoughts and insights that will help you re-think laundry applications, set new standards for fragrances that connect with consumers, and enhance the competitive power of your laundry brands.
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Laundry is fragrance >
Bruce Garlick, Chief Perfumer and Vice President of Fragrance Research, introduces the concepts that define the Arylessence approach to laundry fragrances that satisfy consumers at every step of the laundry process and build powerful brand franchises.


What does a perfumer think about laundry fragrance? >
Arylessence Perfumer Monica Aneiros-Burke designs laundry fragrances that connect to people. She believes that great scents should reach out to individual consumers with distinctive fragrance profiles that deliver laundry products that all of us can enjoy.


Laundry fragrance secrets >

Six insights that will change the way you think about laundry brands and fragrances. Lori Miller Burns, Arylessence Director of Marketing, summarizes the factors, thresholds and pathways that lead to success in laundry product development and marketing.

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Arylessence has achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification, and is recognized as an ethical sourcing supplier and manufacturer by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).

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Laundry is all about the essence of clean – and a beautiful clean scent should be an integral part of the way the product is made, how it performs, and how it keeps your clothes fresh for days. Discover the secrets to winning laundry fragrances.


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