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Arylessence is recognized by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) as an ethical sourcing supplier and manufacturer. We have achieved the requirements of SQF Ethical Sourcing Standard Level 1

Certification of SQF Ethical Sourcing Standard validates our commitment to ensuring socially and environmentally responsible practices in flavor and fragrance production, including the sourcing of flavor ingredients and fragrance materials from around the world.
     Our clients have the assurance that ethical sourcing is a critical priority for Arylessence, part of an on-going commitment to responsible practices in flavor and fragrance manufacturing.


Four-tiered certification


The Ethical Sourcing Standard sets benchmarks for an organization’s commitment to ethical conduct in the following areas:

(1)   Social management programs to safeguard against discrimination and harassment in the workplace; promote transparent and lawful wage practices; and advocate fair, non-exploitative labor practices


(2)   Environment aspects and impacts to ensure sustainability, including energy consumption, water use, waste management, and pollution prevention to protect the environment and the planet


(3)  Occupational health and safety hazards identification, and risk assessment, including regulatory compliance, equipment maintenance, and incident management to ensure and verify safe working conditions


(4)  Supplier and subcontractor programs to ensure those same rules and ethical standards are developed and enforced by companies who work with us.


These four areas are part of a systematic approach that is consistently reviewed by senior management and continuously improved through internal audits, close monitoring, comprehensive recordkeeping, and employee training and education. Preventative action is also required to ensure that employee concerns are addressed by senior company officials.


On-going commitment


Ethical sourcing is an on-going commitment by Arylessence senior management, department heads, teams, and individuals throughout the organization, participating in a comprehensive, company-wide management and operational process.

The objective is to ensure that responsible, ethical sourcing practices work to improve the growing, harvesting, production, manufacturing, and distribution of quality ingredients and materials from around the world, and that our production and manufacturing of flavors and fragrances meet those same standards.

Ethical sourcing is a key component in responsible production worldwide.

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Certification of SQF Ethical Sourcing Standard Level 1

Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) developed the Ethical Sourcing Standard to certify companies who are committed to ensuring socially and environmentally responsible practices. The Ethical Sourcing Standard combines processing with environmental
and social stewardship.


Official authorization

Reflecting our corporate commitment to responsible, ethical sourcing, Arylessence is authorized to use the Safe Quality Food Institute’s Ethical Sourcing Standard logo.


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Arylessence Certifications

Arylessence has achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification, and is recognized as an ethical sourcing supplier and manufacturer by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).

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