Arylessence DeoEssence and a Fresher World

Arylessence DeoEssence® and DeoActive® technologies are changing the way malodors are eliminated. Unlike heavy, masking agents that 'camouflage' malodors, or old-fashioned counteractants that try to 'bury' the malodor, our innovative formulations 'reconfigure' malodor molecules, effectively eliminating what makes them unpleasant

This exciting technology can change the world for many home and household care products, including air fresheners, cleaners, laundry and fabric care, carpet care, and pet products.
      Instead of masking unpleasant odors which often reappear later, DeoEssence® fragrances eliminate smoke, pet, cooking, and biological malodors, while leaving behind a clean-smelling, invigorating freshness.
      The efficacy of DeoEssence® technology is consumer friendly, long lasting, and has been proven in multiple scientific tests.

Innovative science

The idea behind DeoEssence® technology is simple. It’s not harsh chemicals that fight odors. It’s the fragrance formula itself.
      In every product, the fragrance formula effectively ‘reconfigures’ the malodor so that human senses cannot detect a nasty smell. In its place, all that can be perceived is a beautiful, fresh-smelling ambience. And because of the way the fragrance is designed, the fragrancing effect can last for days.
      DeoEssence® scents are developed from a full spectrum of contemporary fragrance notes including herbals, woods, fresh florals, powdery notes, fruits, berries, citrus, spices, and ozones.
      Importantly, no additional odor management ingredients are needed in new fragrance formulations. DeoEssence® ingredients perform the odor management role as part of the fragrance itself, used at normal fragrance levels.

DeoActive® fragrances for
EPA-registered products

For the makers of products registered and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our odor-elimination technology is made possible through DeoActive® fragrances made entirely from materials on the EPA’s fragrance ingredient list (FIL).
      These advanced fragrances provide the same, superior odor-elimination solutions as DeoEssence without the need for separate malodor counteractants. They allow consumers, users, health care patients, and visitors to public facilities to enjoy a fresh, contemporary, clean-smelling ambience that lasts.
      Saving time and regulatory steps, DeoActive® fragrances can be certified and added to an existing EPA registration without resubmitting the entire product formulation.

Proven to eliminate odors

In rigorous panel testing, DeoEssence® room sprays have proved effective in eliminating smoke, pet and
garlic odors:

  1. Compared with other fresheners, DeoEssence® fragrances outperformed the consumer spray leader in controlled tests.

  2. In laundry applications, DeoActive® fabric softeners outperformed leading consumer brands in reducing malodor intensity and remained effective for up to 96 hours.

Application options for DeoActive® fragrances include a wide variety of malodors and locations, including smoke, pet and food odors, bathroom and kitchen odors, laundry and fabric care. There are multiple applications in environmental fragrancing, food service operations, waste management, healthcare environments, and long-term care facilities.

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DeoEssence® technology has amazing applications in pet care, home furnishings and carpet care, laundry, even personal care products, including hair care.

Arylessence Certifications

Arylessence has achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification, and is recognized as an ethical sourcing supplier and manufacturer by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).

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