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Understanding consumers is the key to fragrance and flavor success. We track 'deep' trends that define the American consumer today and will actively shape consumer decision making well into 2013 and beyond

Our marketing team taps into more than 36 resources to identify and monitor trends that define the consumer landscape today. We also conduct a proprietary study into new product introductions, new packaging, and the ever-expanding role of color in product design, fabrics and fashion, personal style, and home décor.
      Our TrendWatch® research explores consumer decision making and identifies major trends and influences that guide those decisions. Our analysis shows where people and designers alike are searching for inspiration and finding new ideas.
      Arylessence clients have total access to this comprehensive data. They learn where consumers are focused, where they are heading, and how innovative fragrances and flavors can tap deeply into their desires.
      These videos introduce and summarize nine major Arylessence trends.   Click on the picture to see how
these  trends  can  move  your  brand  and  product initiatives forward:


Emotive Edge

This is where consumers spend most of their time – on the emotive edge. It’s where impressions are formed, preferences are set, and buying decisions are made. As consumers, we trust our emotions to make decisions, big and small. In product development and fragrance design, emotional factors define everything.


American Stories

The story of America is one of pride, hope, opportunity, and acceptance. It’s about people, history, and a sense of place. No idea resonates more deeply with the American consumer. Buying American-made is part of the same equation. The ‘source identity’ of a brand is always important. When the source is USA, it’s special
and unique.



Spotlight: South America!

South America is a rapidly growing consumer marketplace and an amazing source of creative ideas, natural ingredients, and amazing foods and beverages. Culturally unique, everything about South America is exciting, growing and today, dramatically influencing what we buy. Explore this region’s creative options.



Bang for Your Buck

We want everything in the products we buy – high quality, technology, multiple benefits, great fragrances, sustainability, responsible packaging – literally, everything. On top of high performance, we also want brands that cost less. Today, consumers are seeking, demanding – and finding – products that do just that. And luxury brands are paying attention.



The Power of Nature

From all-natural ingredients to ‘super fruits’ to honey, tea and essential oils, Mother Nature has a world of ingredients to inspire and motivate product development. As consumers, we are highly attracted to the natural world. Today, in virtually every category, marketers are responding with natural and naturally inspired solutions.



Style Rewind

Everything we loved yesterday we probably still love today. That’s the magic of timeless classics, influenced by style, glamour, Hollywood legends, and the persistence of good taste, good design, and quality craftsmanship. Everything old can be new and exciting again. As consumers are saying, out with the new, in with the old!



Eco Evolution

Living green, sustainability, protecting people and the planet – this is not a fad or a fashion. It’s how we live today. Our concern for everything – including the foods we eat, the products we buy, the cars we drive, and how we build our homes – is profoundly re-shaping the consumer landscape. There is no turning back.



Modern Menu

More and more Americans are describing themselves as ‘cooking enthusiasts’. New recipes, new food ideas and new beverages are changing the way we live, how we cook and entertain, how we shop in the grocery store, and what we expect from food marketers. Food influences everything, including winning fragrance ideas.



Cause an Effect

Over 80% of Americans say they would change their buying habits to make the world a better place. A lot of Americans are doing just that, and a lot of American brands are making good things happen all over the globe. Caring consumers will embrace and support your efforts to change the world in big ways, and small ways.

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