No idea is more prominent in corporate life today. Sustainability influences how we create, design, manufacture and package products. It influences how we choose and process raw materials. It even impacts what happens after our products are consumed. Sustainability is a new way of life for people, corporations, and the planet

Sustainability is not just a radical shift in how we think about what we buy, what we consume, and how we live our lives. It has become a ‘new normal’. 
      Not long ago, people consumed the earth’s resources without a thought for the future. Today, we are concerned about everything the earth provides – including natural resources like water and minerals, raw materials from plants and trees, and even the crops we grow for harvest. And we are just as concerned about our stewardship of these resources as we are about the success of our companies and businesses.

Definition of 'sustainability'

But what does sustainability actually mean? It’s a simple concept. Defined by a United Nations commission in 1987, sustainability means not using the planet’s natural resources faster than they can be replaced or regenerated. It also means protecting resources that, if lost, can never be replaced – like endangered plant and animal species, fish and ocean creatures, and their environments.
      For manufacturers and marketers, the implications are clear. Raw materials should be responsibly sourced from renewable resources. Manufacturing processes should be designed and managed to eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and save energy. Even product packaging should be intelligently designed – using renewable or recycled materials and non-petroleum inks, all of which can be recycled and used again. 
      And that’s just part of a comprehensive, on-going approach to protect the planet’s resources before, during and after every step of product design, manufacture, 
and marketing.

Global sustainability standards

In 1999, publishing giant Dow Jones introduced the World Sustainability Index, which ranks 2,500 of the world’s largest corporations in 58 industries on economic, environmental and social criteria, including strategies to adapt to climate change, rethink energy consumption, and better value human resources.
      Reviewed annually, the index is closely studied by corporate analysts and the media who use the findings to evaluate companies, chief executives, and the global decisions they make.
      As a result, sustainability is now a major factor in defining corporate performance, as well as the quality of corporate leadership.

Fragrance and flavor leadership

Since so many of the ingredients we use to create fragrance and flavors are sourced from naturally occurring materials, sourced from around the world, the fragrance and flavor industries are at the forefront of sustainability. That’s been happening for over 35 years. 
      To protect the natural resources of our planet, we are creating man-made aroma molecules to replace those from endangered species. We are working with growers to expand production of rare ingredients and harvest crops responsibly.
     Significant research is even being conducted to move the basic chemistry of fragrance towards turpines, which are sourced from renewable forests.

Arylessence role

As an industry leader, Arylessence is playing an active part in these initiatives. We will be happy to show you how these outcomes can support your company’s sustainability programs, as well as the platforms you develop for responsible product design and manufacture. 
       Let us know how we can help.






Sustainability is not just a
driver of corporate
responsibility, but also of corporate value. Today,
analysts evaluate a company’s sustainability initiatives and expect leadership to be
shown by chief executives
and corporate boards.

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Arylessence has achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification, and is recognized as an ethical sourcing supplier and manufacturer by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).

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